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Joseph Dispenza is the award-winning author of Healer, Older Man Younger Man, God On Your Own, The Way of the TravelerLive Better Longer, and several other books and scores of articles about living a higher quality of life. He is a former university professor who lived for several years in a monastery learning personal spirituality firsthand. He is in practice as a spiritual counselor.

Joseph brings to his writing and counseling more than thirty-five years of teaching and spiritual practice. He entered the Order of Holy Cross early in life and lived as a monk for eight years – the first year of which he spent in total silence. Later, he left the monastery to pursue a more active life, working for social change with a number of humanitarian organizations.

After earning a B.A. in the Humanities and an M.A. in Communication, he was for several years the director of Education Programs for the American Film Institute in Washington, D.C., and later, a story editor for United Artists studios in Los Angeles. In the mid-1970s he left Hollywood for Santa Fe, where he took up the life of a writer. The House of Alarcon, an epic novel of a Spanish colonial family in New Mexico, was published in the United States and simultaneously in the United Kingdom.

Joseph created a highly successful academic program in Moving Image Arts at The College of Santa Fe (now the Santa Fe University of Art and Design), and served as its founding Chair for seven years, while also teaching courses in Media Ethics. In 1994 he met Dr. Hazel Parcells, a centenarian pioneer of holistic healing, who eventually became his teacher and the subject of his books, Healer and Live Better Longer. She lived to 106.

Joseph is a columnist for several on-line publications, including His articles have appeared in scores of magazines, including Spirituality and Health, American Way, Massage Magazine, and Yoga Journal.

He lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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Joseph is in private practice as a counselor. He uses dreams to open a dialogue with you, so he asks that you write recent dreams down before the session. If there are no dreams to discuss, the counseling will be based on what you consider your most pressing ‘unfinished business.’

Sessions are $100 for up to one hour and are conducted by phone or in person.



Phone in Mexico: [415] 155.8086

Skype ID: joseph.dispenza

USA Mailing Address: PMB 532.B / 220 N. Zapata Hwy., Ste. 11 / Laredo, TX 78043